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Great Red Lipstick Colors for Brown Skin Girls

[ 19 ] November 6, 2008 |

If you are like me, you cringe at the thought of redlipstick.  I’m dark brown…around jennifer hudson’s color…and I’ve never met a red lip color I really liked.  Not a traditional lipstick anyway (I’ve had a gloss or 2 with red tint that were ok). However if you are going to go for that red […]

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Can black women wear blush?

[ 6 ] October 13, 2008 |

No one wants to look like a clown, and a clown has been my constant reference point when thinking of blush.  Whenever I’ve gone to a cosmetic counter to try some new colors or get a makeover, I cringe when the makeup artist pulls out the blush.  I’m dark chocolate, so when I see pink […]

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