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“Ethnic Makeup” at Macy’s

[ 2 ] January 10, 2010 |

Googled “African American Makeup” today and Ethnic Makeup at Macy’s was a featured ad  link highlighted above the results.  Excited to see what brands and product lines they recommend for black women, I clicked on the link.  Sigh.  What I saw was a missed opportunity to serve multiple under-served audiences. The page is not set […]

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African-American Women Spend More on Beauty

[ 5 ] May 19, 2009 |

“African-American women spend $7.5 billion annually on beauty products, which is 80 percent more than the general market. The reason it’s such a dramatic difference is attributed to the fact that African-American women have to sample more products to find the right ones for their skin.”  From Women’s Wear Daily – “Essence Panel Explores Beauty […]

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Read it: The Lowdown on Foundation for Black women

[ 0 ] October 20, 2008 |

IF you want a detailed report on foundation for African American women, try the “Foundation Report” at CocoaChic Beauty.  Their foundation product picks with deep shade ranges are paired with comments beauty experts like site founder T. Bernie and Sam Fine and CocoaChic Beauty readers who voted for their favorite brands, including Clinique, MAC, and […]

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