I’m a black woman who was unable to find a one stop source for makeup tips and techniques for African American woman. This blog allows me to share the great information I’ve found and tips I use with sisters looking for the same.  I’m not a makeup artist or expert, just a lover of all things makeup.

I think that we should all get what we pay for.  Therefore I hope that my product reviews help brown skinned beauties to save money.  There is nothing I hate more than to go to the store and buy a makeup or beauty product and get results that are less than stellar, especially if I’m purchasing a high priced brand.  Black women and dark skinned women of all nationalities want to know how the product looks and will perform on their skin tones.  Many companies don’t use many brown skinned models in their marketing and store materials so we don’t get to see many of their products on our skin tones.  Things have gotten better, but I still think that there is a great need for women to be able to see how the products, pigments and colors work on brown skin, especially dark brown girls like me.

If you have any recommendations or want to suggest a topic, let me know in the box below.

Ebony Ajima

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