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NEW Makeup Review Series: One of the main things ladies have asked me to review are red lipsticks that look good on brown skin girls.  A lot of black women shy away from wearing red lipstick because, like me, they have purchased products that don’t look as good on them as they look on the store shelf.  This is the first review of my new series of makeup reviews in this category: Red LIPS!!!  There will be great picks, so so picks and not so good picks…but that’s ok.  I just want to help you find a lip look you love.

Reds for Brown Skin – NYX Matte Lipstick in Alabama and Lip Liner in Alabama with NYX Retractable Lip Liner in Sienna

matte lipstick review nyx alabama matte lipstick nyx alabamaLet me just say that I love the feel of NYX’s Matte Lipstick in Alabama compared to some of the others I’ve tried and I plan to buy some of the other colors.  This is the first matte from NYX I’ve tried.  The best thing about this spicy red lipstick is that it feels great on my lips and it’s not dry.  It doesn’t look dry on your lips either.  It has an amazing sheen, but is still very matte.  It also has a LOT of pigment which makes the color POP on brown skin tones.  Perfect for dark brown girls.  I think that ladies with warmer tones would do well with this color.  My skin has cooler tones (plums and purples work well on me) so I would want a little more blue in this red for everyday.  However, I like it for a special occasion or if I want a high impact look. NYX has a lip liner that is a perfect match for this matte lipstick – NYX Rextractable Lip Liner in Sienna.  Finding that out was awesome.  It is very creamy and easy to apply with perfection.  It also didn’t bleed much at all with 6 hours of wear.  Love that. lip liner nyx sienna Here are my try-on photos. matte lipstick red dark skin   The color is a true red with a lot of orange in it, as you can see.  I wanted to show you the look in regular light and sunlight so that you can see the difference.  You can also see that this matte lipstick has shine and moisture.  Love it.  The next photo are the lipstick swatches in indoor light and sunlight.   swatches matte lipstick sienna

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