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Can you love a lipstick you haven’t seen on your lips?  I hope so.

I’m staring at the photo dark-skinned of Jessica White for the new ad for Maybelline’s Color Sensational lip color.  The color is called “Nearly There” and it just may be the perfect nude lip color for a black girl like me.  OMG.  I’m headed to the store at lunch to see if they have it.  Fingers crossed that I can find it in a store in DC.  If it is a winner, sistas in Chocolate City have already grabbed it.

Jessica White ad nude lip color

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  1. I am disappointed in “”Nearly There”. Not enough coverage. However, I’ve decided to compare it to 3 other nude/brown shades and let you guys know the results. Post on the way.

  2. I actually bought a lipstick out of this nude line and loved it! (Don’t have the exact color in front of me at the moment) I just seen the commerical and decided to try it.

  3. I saw the ad and loved the colors. I wish I could try them, but since Maybeline tests on animals, I’ll never support the company. Too bad. They’re pretty shades…

  4. I’m also not a fan of the color “Nearly There” but I really like the “Bean There” shade in the Maybelline line for a perfect neutral. I find it to be a shear brown with a little gold shimmer.

  5. I was laughing when I read your.post because I felt the exact same way.. I went to the store and forgot the name so I started to raid the beauty magazine to find the picture of Jessica. I got the color and it was way too sheer and kinda chalky and shimmery.. not wht I wanted so I put the matching lipliner first and applied it all over. Then I added a creamy sheer gloss over it.. Then my lips looked a lot more like the magazine. Hope this helps, the color of the lipliner I used is the matching brand in toast #25

  6. I just went out and grabbed Nearly There today and I absolutely love it ;)!

    It is light but I also think since the natural color of my lips are a bit on the darker side, it shows up frosty and sheer with a glittery glow.
    It may be a good color for evening wear, but a little too dramatic and sensual for office/daytime wear.
    Some lipsticks I buy takes a while for me to appreciate, but I find with time and patience and little bit of creativity, it eventually works! Can’t say everything is like Fashion Fair lipstick, but it will do.

    Thanks for recommending this shade.

  7. I tried Nearly There a few years ago when I first saw the ad. It does not last on your lips at all. I have been wanting to try another color but havent done it yet.

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