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Pure BS!  I’m sure you ladies heard about the blogger over at Psychology Today who had the audacity to try to pass his racial bias off as science.  The title of the blog post is “Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women? Why black women, but not black men?”. Psychology Today has since taken the post down.  I wrote about it on my other blog (There is a link to the article there so you can read for yourself), but since this blog is dedicated to beauty I thought it would be fitting to post a note about it.

I’d love to know what you ladies think about this.   Personally, I’m outraged.  Not surprised, but outraged.  Black women birth black babies and further the black race.  Thus, “they” must attack, berate, and abuse us in the media or otherwise.  Also, there is also a long history of psychology research focusing on the suggested inferiority of Black people.  History has taught us to know racist and eugenic talk from the psychological community a mile a way.

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  1. As a makeup artist, this outrages me! I love working with black women in particular; I find they have very beautiful, exotic features. At least we know the person who wrote this has an ugly, pig-headed soul. :)

  2. I wish people would not get angry about this. Its just another person that wants to justify his taste without sounding like a racist. Or simply stating that he doesnt like black people. It snothing to get in a ruffle about as long as you like the way you look who gives a rats ass.

    • Emem, I understand your point. However, there is nothing wrong with calling so called experts out when they are wrong. Gotta love freedom of speech.

  3. Being in the beauty industry, I have personally found that dark skin types are the most beautiful and radiant. Its so simple to make the skin glowing and flawless because its natural warmth! and Im caucasion, In the beauty industry they teach you that its the individual and their natural qualities that are beautiful, no matter what color hair, eyes or skin tone!

  4. That’s horrible, and first of all not true- thats more of an opinion thing not science.
    There are plenty of people in the world who think black women are attractive.

  5. I’m black, beautiful, and I don’t care. There will always be racism. We gotta stop being so butt hurt abt it and go on…

  6. I am OUTRAGED, OFFENDED AND DISAPPOINTED that such a reputable periodical (that I once subscribed to) would even entertain such nonsense! These stereotypes are perpetuated because they are given a voice no matter how ridiculous!!!

  7. Ana, u nailed it- shame on Psych Today for giving this farce a podium. Opinion is always different from fact. He can have his opinion & thus be limited in his life for it; that’s his choice.
    However, I find it both healthy & refreshing to be aware of the FACT that ‘beauty’ is subjective. Frankly, I’m sick of the media & advertising wielding (& abusing) the power of press when pushing their own potentially toxic, biased worldviews into the mainstream line of thought. Talk about power- Freedom of speech is a double-edged sword in that it has such power to either help or harm, depending on the will or intent of the individual using it.
    So, I really shouldn’t be surprised when a company like Psychology Today allows a hack of a ‘study’ to muddy their rep for publicity’s sake; its the hope of business that everyone has a price, right? Well, I won’t be subscribing to this hack’s musings for any amount, thanks. There are at better ways to waste my time. Ha

  8. This is just awful.Where do they get off saying such things????Utter rubbish.They act as though we don’t have feelings.I don’t get the beauty industry sometimes.They diss us then want women of colour to buy stuff from their companies.This reminds me of another issue in the beauty industry concerning black women,ie. the fact that certain companies don’t cater for darker skin tones.What subliminal messages are they trying to send???
    God Bless you ladies.Remember that we are all beautiful in the sight of God. :-)

  9. GGGiiirrrlll…I am pissed! I love that magazine! Like LOVE!!! So, to hear that they published that…um…I will refrain from the obscenities I normally rely on to express myself on such a personal and poignant matter…so I’ll call it trash. But unfortunately he is only voicing the general opinion of society. I could go into how they use women less melanin-ly endowed to represent the icon of beauty in all aspects of media, but I won’t. What I will say to keep it brief is that that is disgusting and I’m glad you called them out on that. We need to celebrate all that is our beauty. He’s got it backwards, we are the MOST beautiful women on the planet from the darkest to the lightest! I applaud the make up artist that previously noted our exotic features. I do everything I can to build the esteem of women and girls of Afrikan descent around me, and we all should. That’s why I’m passionate about being a make up artist! We get a chance to dote on and give love to women, show them their beauty in a different light, and send them back out into the world on that high!

    Thank you for bringing this to the light!



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