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Valana Minerals FounderValerie Reed is making my day. She owns Valana Minerals in San Marcos, California.  She is a pioneer in the creation of vegan makeup for women of color. I really appreciate that as I’m going vegan.  It’s mineral makeup for us, YAY!

The color palate contains rich, deep colors that coordinate well with tan and brown skin. Her products contain beneficial ingredients, vegan lip colors,  and her philosophy mandates high quality, education on safe cosmetic ingredients and application tutorials.

From her website: “For many years, I have been frustrated and angered by horrible customer service and the lack of high quality natural cosmetic products for myself and people like me, with brown skin. I avoided the disappointment and humiliation of the department store cosmetic counter and bought inexpensive, poor quality cosmetics that only added to challenges because of poor color selection and harmful chemical additives. I also sold popular name brand cosmetics but I still found myself mixing and adding ingredients to products to better suit my needs. Several years ago I suffered a serious illness, which was worsened by an “overdose” of an ingredient commonly used in shampoo. As I learned more about the potentially harmful ingredients in many skin care products I became concerned for my health and began to make my own skin care ‘concoctions’ at home.”

The Valana Minerals website features a library of tutorials called “Makeup School-Studio“.

This is your “Makeup University” for information and tutorials for Valana Minerals™ makeup. The quality of Valana Minerals™ is exceptional, versatile and concentrated and this is the place to find information on their use.

I love her vegan lip gloss in “Copper Porto” and “Vintage Porto”. She offers an awesome range of foundation color choices. If you are dark chocolate like me, you will cheer. If you are honey brown or light & luscious, you’ll be pleased too.

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  1. I’ve been wearing this makeup for over 4 years now, when it was Valerie answering the phones and my gazillion questions! lol. This is an EXCELLENT line of products. I love the foundation because it looks incredibly natural and makes my skin look flawless. Plus, it lasts FOREVER. I dumped all my Mac foundation for Valana Minerals and that’s saying a lot for me cuz I was a Mac junkie.

  2. I am sooooo happy I found your blog. In just the first few entries that I have read since I found you, I have learned so many things. This new mineral makeup is a must try. I can’t wait to try it. I have tried Bare Minerals and spent quite a bit of money on the foundations and colors. I liked them, but the foundation, even though its coverage was good, still had a tendency to make me appear ashy or too dark. I look forward to receiving more enlightening tips and information from you.

    P.S. Valerie should check out http://www.sheckys.com, a traveling showcase of awesome products and services for women and see if she might connect with them. They do these big showcases in major cities across the country all year long, offering great deals to attendees on clothing, jewelry, food, beauty products…great exposure for the retailers/businesses that participate.

  3. Thank you so much for the kind words and for taking the time to help spread the word about Valana Minerals. We always appreciate that our customers think enough of what we do to ‘tell a friend.’ One of the highest complements anyone can offer is a personal referral. Thanks so much! Valerie R.

    @Lisa – Well check out sheckys.com – Thanks

  4. hello my name is kyana I am a up and coming makeup artist .I have blog and a youtube channel with a good deal of followers. On my channel I try to broadcast the wonders of black beauty and make up for women of color. Im contacting your company to ask if you would like to send me samples of your products that i can advertise on my channels. Thank you so much for your time .

  5. Greetings,

    My name is Whitney A. Brown

    I am interested in launching a lip gloss line and I was wondering if I could get some sound advice on what steps I should take as a new comer to cosmetic entrepreneurship!

    Such as: testing the ingredients or making a promotional tube, where I could find wholesale packaging for the lip gloss and etc.

    By no means am I trying to rob your pockets,steal ideas or piggy back off of your company or cosmetic line. I am simply trying to figure out what steps to take.

    I am a recent graduate of Alabama A&M University with a degree in Business MGT but my heart is in Entrepreneurship.

    I have so many visions that I would like to give birth too but the lip gloss line is a priority.


    Whitney A. Brown

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