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Looking for that perfect nude lipstick or gloss color to give your full lips even more pouty-ness.  Well here’s some helpful info.

nude lip brown girlsHere are Anita Sharma’s PicksFor Espresso, Chestnut skin tones:
Pricey: Bobbi Brown-Cocoa, Rich Cocoa, Putty or Chocolate
Inexpensive: Clinique Different-Tenderheart or MAC-Plastique or Jubilee

Sam Fine says that with nude lips “the eyes must be strong. I achieve this look by applying black liner, brown shimmering shadows and at least two coats of mascara on both top and bottom lashes!”

AfroBella.com: The perfect nude should match your skin tone almost perfectly, covering over any slight discoloration your lips may have. A touch of shimmer or gloss amps up the look, but subtle beauty is the watchword. How can you tell that you’ve found your perfect nude? If you try it on the back of your hand, it should almost completely disappear, leaving only slight, pretty shine to let you know where it is.  The perfect “nude” lippie for a brown skinned bella might be a warm rose pink, it might be bronze, it might even be a plum or berry, or a deep, fabulous brown.

Shefall at Suite 101: Take a tip from professional make-up artists and use concealeron the lips, or mix this in with a lip color for a true nude shade. Look for dry concealer pencils to outline the whole lip line blending it back in to the face. This is a very sculptural look which emphasizes the contours of a full pout rather than just painting on color.

Makeup 4 Black Women picks:

  • MAC Fresh Brew
  • Loreal Colour Juice 804 Touch Of Nude
  • Cover Girl [Queen Collection] Warm Cinnamon
  • MAC Viva Glam V [Nude with some sparkle]
  • NARS Lip Lacquer, Sheer Color, Butterfield 8
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  1. I am a 28 year old, dark toned black and Indian woman looking for a line of inexpensive nude shades of lipstick and glosses to compliment my face, but am not sure what colors will look good on me. Any suggestions?

  2. I love your blog! After reading this post, I knew I needed to update my whole makeup look by adding the nude lip to my routine. I really do appreciate you for putting the effort in making this blog for the black woman. Keep up the good work!!! Check out my blog at http://www.urbanchik.com . Thanks in advance.

    Lady Bliss

  3. foe esther just an outsider here, i would probably suggest violet eyeshadow, orange-red lipgloss, or just clear lipgloss, green eyeshadow may also look good. this is just my personal opinion , just an outsider, purple tinted lip gloss would also look nice

  4. I love Make Up For Black Women, it helps us discover what goes with what and how. Now prepping would feel a whole lot better knowing there’s a touch of lip nudity.

  5. am very blackgirl but i want a makeup which will be good for talking about my face ,lip,eyeshadaows and pencils coloured and cheers coloures

    • where do you live? You could go to a Mac Store or Inglot store and have the make-up artists try the look you desire on you! It will give you a good idea of what fits you!

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