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If you are like me, you cringe at the thought of redlipstick.  I’m dark brown…around jennifer hudson’s color…and I’ve never met a red lip color I really liked.  Not a traditional lipstick anyway (I’ve had a gloss or 2 with red tint that were ok). However if you are going to go for that red lip, here are some product suggestions.

MAC CosmeticsDubonnet, Underworld, and Viva Glam III

Benefit – Ruby Vibes and Ms. Behavin (perfect for dark chocolate brown girls)

NARS – Tamango and Bad Education (Gloss)

Lorac – Tango (great brown red with shimmer)

Dior – Red Icon

And don’t forget, when in doubt check out Fashion Fair‘s big collection of reds.  They have a colors that will complement every brown skin tone.

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  1. I am liking the suggestions and the fact that there are options for us women of color. We just have to find them.

  2. Everyone RAVES about Besame Cosmetics lipstick called, “Noir Red”. They say it’s especially a great red lipstick for dark complexions.

    In addition to that, I’ve always thought that red lipsticks look excellent on brown/dark brown people. That’s all the old Hollywood women of color used to wear, and no, I’m not just talking about the Lena Horne types, either. It’s just a matter of finding your best red. It might take some time, but it’s fun, a girly thing to do. Once you find what you really like, keep at it!http://img212.imageshack.us/img212/7804/200607311009iw9.jpg

  3. Thanks for the suggestions on RED lipsticks! I’ve always loved red lipstick but never found one to suit my complexion, I’ll definately be trying some of the suggested colours…I’ve just discovered this site adn really like it, but I agree with the previous post by Jo, more pictures would make this web page even better than it is. x

  4. I’m a MAC NC45 and I only look good in MAC Mahogany lip pencil used with the MAC Viva Glam I lipstick if I’m gonna wear a ‘real red’ as opposed to a very dark red. Very light to medium skin-toned black women look better in brown-based reds most of the time, black women with Naomi Campbell/Gabrielle Union/Michelle Obama’s skintones look GREAT in true red lipsticks and glosses however, and women with Alek Wek/Grace Jones’ skintones look great in true dark reds and burgundies.

  5. Hey! It’s Spring 2011 and some of your links have expired. Is it possible for you to update your selections?

    I’d really appreciate it! Buying lipsticks now is expensive! So some suggestions could really help.

    I’m what you would call a Kelly Rowland kind of brown :)

  6. im an african sista who’s not afraid to wear red lips and i must say i rock the colour.ive had a lot of compliments,i wear ruby woo from mac and i wear it everyday!

  7. My coloring is somewhere between MAC NC45 and NC50. I had been wearing Dubonnet but recently decided to wear a true red. I now wear MAC Red and I absolutely love it!

  8. I am looking for the perfect bronze lipcolor. some models I see with my complextion, like Jessica White, have what looks like a bronze color on ther lips that really accentuates the skin color…not too light , not too dark….but I am having trouble finding that “just right” bronze. Some have come close but after a while, they start to look too dull brown or don’t pop. Other problem is that I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for this either. Any suggestions??? Love your site.

  9. I bought Avon’s matte Rich Ruby red lipstick and when I put it on my mother cried “Oh God!” Definitely, she said I could wear it by “correcting it” with a gloss but I gave it to her because it fits her very fair skin and thin lips, as opposed to my darker caramel/beige skin colour. I think Avon’s plum is a good colour for darker women, although that too is a tad too dark for me I rock it to be brash. I think I might try a mac colour. Thanks

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