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I use bronzer all year, round, not just in the summer.  I love the glow it gives to my cheeks.  Of course, I don’t want over do it to look like I just came back from Jamaica…or the sun.   However, I’m not a blush kinda girl, so bronzer does the trick.

Some bronzers just disappear on dark skin tones.  What you want to look for is a cream-based bronzer with a lot of pigment.  Try a liquid bronzer if you have oily skin, because sometimes creams can break down in the oil.  For a very natural glow, mix your bronzer into liquid foundation.  This way the bronze tone will look like it’s part of your skin, and not like it’s sitting on top of your skin. This is something you’ll need to experiment with to get the right mix.  Remember, you’re not looking for bronzer with a hint of foundation…lol…or you run the risk of looking like you’re going for a metalic look.  3 parts to one part is a good start.

Don’t for get your eyes.  The whole “brow highlight” look is getting a bit dated…especially when it’s done with colors like white and silver.  Putting little bronzer in the highlight area (brow bone) can have the same kind of effect, but with a much warmer tone.

Pigment, pigment, pigment!  From shadow to bronzer…this is the mantra of dark skinned black women when choosing makeup.

Brands I love: MAC and Lorac

Black Voices has a round up of the best bronzers for African American women.

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  1. Thanks for this website. I have been in search of a website dedicated to women of color that have fashion, cosmetics, and health. Again I say Thank you My Sista!

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